Lots of schools, families, and businesses across the United Kingdom have fitted Trulawn’s artificial grass in their yard, complimenting their presented yard or completely changing their outside area into a ready to utilize, all year round the yard!

Safe For Kids:

Trulawn specializes in installing and supplying synthetic turf for schools and youngster safe surfaces for playing fields. We can fit a soft shock-pad underlay when putting the turf n place that makes an even secure, cushioned feel to the area. Our shock pad is even grazed proof and meet a 1.2-meter dangerous fall height. Our turf doesn’t utilize any loose tads such as rubber infill to reduce any choking risks. All such combined denotes that a proficiently fitted Trulawn makes a superb environment for kids to play, whether that is in school in a playing area or sports field or at home in the ready to utilize, all year round yards.

Drains Fast:

With synthetic turf, there’s no need to be anxious about water drainage system; synthetic grass drains water as if it is regular lawn and even better in a few cases. All our turf has incorporated drainage system that rapidly lets water to lead through the pile and into the earth below. Proficient installations by Trulawn are laid on a sand and limestone base, with a long-lasting weed membrane to avert any grow through. Joint, a Trulawn can even offer better drainage the preceding natural grass in a few cases.

Does Not Discolored Under The Sun:

The trulawn turf is covered by our warranty, but we make sure that our artificial turf is completely stabilized against UV discoloration, so you have composure for years to come. Other, bad quality turfs from other suppliers might not protect against discoloration from weathering and intense sunlight nor may they give a warranty. With Trulawn you can have faith in us and our manufactured good, we feel proud of the promise of providing an outstanding product with outstanding service, trust, and transparency. On the Trulawn Facebook Page, have a look at our satisfied clients or on our review page, the testimonials to the quality of service.

Safe For Dogs:

Synthetic turf is made of springy and soft substances, which most pets think is ideal for rolling and running around here and there. It is also super simple to wash, for this reason, you can either use warm soapy water, or our specifically made artificial turf cleaner.

Durable And Long-Lasting:

Trulawn is a pretty strong good; it is intended to endure the sun, rain, hyper kids, wind, and playful dogs. It is extremely rare for a synthetic turf to get damaged.

No More Lawnmowers!

Synthetic turf is essentially preservation free. You no longer have to cut the grass. So forget your mower and have the benefit of the time you’d have spent dragging your mower in and out of the hut, clearing the cuttings and walking from side to side by relaxing in the yard with your always ideal looking turf.

No Mire:

When the precipitation comes, (and it comes pretty often in the United Kingdom) you can bet that someone is gonna finish up walking mire through the home after being in the yard! Kids, pets, paw prints, and mud-covered boots! Trulawn’s synthetic turf means that precipitation or shine you will never need to be anxious.

No Watering Necessary:

We are continually advised to desist from wasting water on lawn use, in high summer with high temperatures you do not desire the carefully manicured garden to scorch. Trulawn, being so low preservation denotes it never requires watering. In fact, to tackle excessive water usage and droughts across California, plus a hose ban, the state has given a tax rebate for occupants ditching their natural garden in favor of synthetic turf owing to the water savings alone!