Are you looking for synthetic turf for pets that is pet-friendly? If you are a dog owner, you will acquaint how significant it is to have an area outside for them to exercise and play.

As it takes a lot of effort and time to maintain and grow a natural garden, you might be concerned about the harm dogs can make in the end. Moreover, the preservation of the garden is an inexhaustible job. You need to water your garden, cut the wild plant, and mow the grass. All of this needs you to give the time, which is not probable because of the hectic timetable. The real grass can be a house for a lot of ailments and infects that can be hazardous for the dog.

For this cause, house owners are moving towards the synthetic turf for pets, artificial turf for pets and fake grass for pets. They do need preservation, but it is lesser than actual turf. There are a lot of artificial types of turf, but not all of them are perfect for dogs. We have spoken about the K9 turf synthetic grass that is durable and safe for dogs.

Read on to acquaint more about the K9 Turf synthetic turf.

K9 Turf Urethane ProFlow Backing:

The ProFlow Backing something that assists in improving your drainage system of the grass. It is intended for improving the competence of the synthetic turf. The turf will not hold the dampness thanks to such backing. You can rest certain that there’ll be no terrible smell. The Urethane backing features a five-pick layer, four layers, a urethane compound covering, and two woven layers. It assists in cleaning and drying your grass rapidly. To know more, Read More

K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner:

The preservation of the turf is simple with the enzyme cleaner. The synthetic turf requires external assistance that will make certain the grass is clean. It is vital to clean the turf frequently as it directs to foul odor and numerous ailments. The K9 turf synthetic turf for pets boasts an enzyme cleaner that has bacterial enriched artificial stuff. The cleaner will go through deep into the surface and mortify the organic ravage until it is removed. Moreover, the dog’s urine holds ammonia that is engrossed in the surface. It creates bacteria and the horrible odor. This cleaner will also get rid of the horrid odor that is reasoned by the dog’s urine. The cleaner will leave a pleasant and sweet smell for the dogs to take pleasure in. Read More

K9 Turf Zeolite Infill:

The other feature that formulates it a great choice for dogs is the turf infill. This infill is made from organic and natural substances, making it environmentally friendly. The infill will keep the turf cool all through the day permitting the pet to play all day long. Furthermore, it can hold the noxious gases, and it is released when it drizzles. The sodium ion in the precipitation disposes of the bacteria and toxic substances. So, it is harmless for the dogs to play.

Therefore, K9 turf is the great choice for synthetic turf for the dogs. They will not be out to any chemical and disease that will be destructive to their health. It’ll keep the dogs safe while titivating the area. Read More

Causes For Spending In K9 Turf Synthetic Turf:

Are you wondering why you ought to spend on synthetic turf? In recent times, a lot of individuals are getting on synthetic turf bandwagon. It is because they do not boast time for taking good care of their garden. Synthetic turf is best for dogs as there is no peril of getting hurt. With a lot of options in synthetic turf, it gets demanding to choose one. You need to guarantee the turf you choose, is with K9 Turf. There are many causes why you ought to spend in a K9 Turf synthetic turf. In this post, we have listed a few convincing causes why you require K9 Turf synthetic turf for pets.

Let’s have a glance at the causes.

Designed For Dogs:

Synthetic turf with K9 Turf is best for pets because there is no peril of turf damage. The turf is intended for luster fibers and low gleam that makes it emerge natural. The turf soft just like the actual turf, the pets will not be hurt when playing on the turf. This K9 Turf artificial turf for pets has no damaging effects, making it harmless for the dogs. The pets can play all day long on this synthetic turf.

No Bad Smells:

You do not need to be anxious about the horrible odor coming from the turf. The grass features a K9 Turf zeolite infill and premium enzyme cleaner that will eliminate any type of smell from the turf.

Unique Four-Phase Installation System:

The other cause for spending in the K9 turf synthetic turf for pets is that it has a special four-phase installation system. Each phase of such system has diverse purpose and features. It makes it a perfect turf for your dogs. The stages are:

  • Spread the K9 Turf Infill
  • Base work
  • K9 Turf ProFlow Urethane Backing
  • Use K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner

K9 Turf Synthetic Turf For Pets Looks Like Real Grass:

With the assistance of a K9 Turf synthetic turf for your pets, you can provide the garden a wonderful and nice look. The turf will not need a lot of effort and time for preservation. You can keep the turf new and fresh with timely preservation. This synthetic turf is ideal for improving the aesthetics and beauty of the garden.


What makes this turf stick out from the rest is that it is environmentally friendly. The synthetic turf with K9 Turf synthetic turf for pets does not need any fertilizers. You’ll not need to utilize strimmers or mowers; hence, there’s no carbon release. So, this makes K9 Turf synthetic turf eco-friendly.

Key Points For Synthetic Turf For Pets:

  • Synthetic Turf Backing– It has to be polyurethane urethane backed turf. (Do not utilize Latex backing because it soaks up liquid and will retain smells like dog urine. It will also reason small toxic ammonia pockets to emerge).
  • Good Under-Drainage Systems– The area requires to be exhumed to 3” depth, The part must be covered by a bottom foundation twenty to forty mm crushed rock 2” depth and a top stand grano dust 1” depth to acquire a level solid surface. (Do not utilize sharp sand as a top stand is flat to settlement problems and will retain smells like dog urine, it’ll also reason small toxic ammonia pockets to emerge).
  • The Base Edge– The edge around the yard ought to be concreted in, and both the membrane and plastic batten are then joined into the concrete. (Cementing in of binding to prevent worms elating the sides up will prevent the pet getting to the side of grass turf also steer clear of tantalized timber).

K9 Turf Becomes The Favorite Option Of Synthetic Turf For Pet Owners:

Intended with an oval shaped (low sheen) and luster fibers for a totally natural look, K9 Turf synthetic turf for pets feels soft in one touch.

K9 Turf Deluxe Turf is the ideal artificial grass for the four-legged buddy! Being pet owner, you have to be aware of how often the dogs run around with their dirty paws, they excavate holes and locate the best chance to obliterate anything that comes in their way. With K9 Turf synthetic turf for pets, you can let the pet’s play around the locale without being anxious about them damaging the garden!

In addition to the soft feel and realistic look, the backing is the strongest feature of K9 Turf. Each blade of turf is completely reinforced into a broad polyurethane back covering system, which assists to stop it from screwing up when the drainage course works and zero percent pet odor.

Learn more about artificial turf for pets ProFlow Artificial Grass Polyurethane Backing.

How Can K9 Turf Change The Appearance Of The Yard?

Having a yard at home come with many defies. Although it improves the value and curb appeal of the house, it also needs you to spend hours for its preservation. While for all such individuals who are affectionate of gardening, their garden is one of their most valuable possessions. However, for others, it is more like an additional job to care for it. They are needed to take some time out of their hectic plans for the preservation of their garden and make it pest-free.

For individuals who drop into the latter group, the great choice for them is to go for synthetic turf in their garden. There are many advantages of synthetic turf. It is a reasonable choice as you are spared from utilizing insect killers and other substance-filled products for the preservation of the garden.

If you’ve decided to go for having synthetic turf in the garden, you have to opt for the K9 turf. It will make the synthetic turf enduring and improve the appearance of the house exterior.

Let’s have a look at how K9 turf artificial grass for dogs can help to change the look of your lawn.

Clean And Neat Garden With K9 Turf Synthetic Turf For Pets:

With K9 turf, you’ll get a clean and neat garden without much work. The turf has a prevailing enzyme cleaner made from artificial stuff that is bacterial enriched. It cares for any kind of fluid spills. Furthermore, there’s no case of a stinking odor coming out of the synthetic turf because of such enzyme cleaner. It also eliminates the organic waste from the synthetic turf; thus, making it a healthy area to play with the pet cats and dogs.

No More Wet Lawn With K9 Turf Synthetic Grass For Pets; Fake Turf For Pets:

If you own a pet dog at home, there’s an additional peril of injury by slipping on the damp turf. Furthermore, you might face the issue of fungi affecting the turf if it stays damp for a longer time. With the k9 turf, you’ll not need to face any of such problems on account of its Proflow urethane feature that backs the fake turf. With such feature, the drainage competence of the synthetic turf can improve up to four hundred percent. It’ll assist to keep the synthetic turf dry and clean; therefore, making it ideal for the dogs to play on it all day long with least peril of injury.

No More Wet Lawn With K9 Turf Synthetic Grass For Pets; Fake Turf For Pets:

Owing to the excellent features of K9 turf, the garden will provide an appealing and pleasant look. The exterior of the house will get better. Not just it will make for a perfect playing area for the dogs, but you can also spend a little relaxing and calm time on the turf listening to your desired music or reading your preferred book.

To summarize it, K9 turf is perfect for the garden if you are going for synthetic turf for pets. It is durable, cost-effective, and improves the worth of the house.

Frequently Asked Questions On synthetic Turf For Pets, Fake Grass For Pets:

Synthetic turf as sold is not noxious however there have been studies that bad quality Chinese grass holds a high proportion of lead. It is thus significant that you always ensure with the producer to observe what the turf holds. Synthetic turf can also become noxious if dog urine is not cleaned up efficiently. There are a lot of enzyme cleaners accessible that assist stops the upsurge of ammonia formed from urine and prevent the grass becoming noxious.

If you do not have any dogs then yes you can install synthetic turf on concrete as it gives a solid base. However, if you are a pet owner, then we’d suggest that you evade laying synthetic turf on concrete at all rates. It is because the noxious ammonia pockets that form from pet urine will upsurge underneath the turf and form a layer that is not possible to get rid of. You will, therefore, be left with a horrible smelling garden lined with ammonia that is noxious to kids and older pets.

We strongly recommend against installing synthetic turf on the sand, particularly if you desire enduring results. As wet climate washes through the turf, sand will extricate and after six to twelve months will carry away completely. After that, you will be left with an unsecured garden. Dogs are another cause to keep away from laying synthetic turf on sand as it is close on unfeasible to clean pet urine from it. Enzyme cleaners would assist, but we’d recommend a full clean down two times per week.

A lot of individuals believe synthetic turf can just be laid over a soil base. However, if you desire long-lasting, professional results, we’d strongly suggest against such application. As soil is not a steady facade, bad climate conditions can reason the soil to crumble and wash through the turf. Not does this leave the lawn unsecured, but it is also extremely hard to clean.

It is ok for pets to pee or poop on synthetic turf; it is significant that it is cleaned up right away. Pet urine, however, can become noxious on certain kinds of synthetic turf such as the latex backed turf. The K9 Turf ProFlow Polyurethane backed turf has been particularly intended for pets with a modern drainage system and pet urine defiant materials.

The K9 Proflow Polyurethane backed grass has been scientifically intended to keep away pet urine. The polymers that are utilized to make up the turf are durable and resilient meaning they do not soak up dog urine. It also improves drainage and stops noxious ammonia pockets from building up. We suggest that this turf is utilized with enzyme cleaners and K9 Zeolite infill.

ProFlow Polyurethane backed turf is safe for pets as the stuff it holds repel fluids. It denotes that unsafe toxins from the ammonia found in pet urine can’t upsurge. Cheaper versions of synthetic turf made with latex are more permeable and therefore more vulnerable to noxious ammonia pockets building up. It is noxious to both kids and older pets.

AstroTurf is more often than not linked with playing fields and sports pitches. For such planning to spend in the synthetic grass for pets, we always suggest going for ProFlow Polyurethane backed turf. This artificial grass has been intended to be hundred percent dog-friendly and is, therefore, more defiant to the problems cheaper latex products can boast.

It all relies on how the synthetic turf has been installed. If you have it fitted competently by a knowledgeable squad, then it’d be near on not possible for a pet to excavate the turf. However, it can be doable for a pet to pull the turf up if it has not been fitted with the essential measures to keep it in position.

For dog owners, we always suggest the K9 Proflow Polyurethane backed turf. It is made from hypoallergenic substances and robust polymers which keep away urine and stop the increase of noxious ammonia pockets. It also has a modern drainage system which lets urine to run through without restraint. We suggest that you utilize this turf with our 4-phase system for best results.

The price of synthetic turf is measured in face weight so that a thinner latex turf will be inexpensive than a thicker, more durable grass. Top of the assortment Proflow Polyurethane turf which about thirty-five pounds per sqm. A medium weight Polyurethane grass can charge between twenty-five and thirty-five pounds, and for inexpensive latex products, you can anticipate to disburse between twenty-five and five pounds per sqm.

The amount you will require to clean the turf relies on if you have a pet and the kind of artificial grass you have fitted. For instance, if you have one pet and a twenty sqm yard with K9 Proflow Polyurethane backed turf, you’d have to clean it one time per month. While with the latex backed turf, it’d have to be cleaned each time a pet utilizes it.

With a Polyeurathane backing, our best quality K9 Proflow Turf is thirty-five pounds per sqm. While you can expect to pay twenty-five to thirty-five pounds per sqm for our middle range Turf.

If you do not have any dogs, then an undemanding brush with a stiff brush each one to three months is enough. Always be certain to check the infill to guarantee there’s still a fine amount – this will rely on the amount of footfall the lawn has. If you own a pet, then we suggest utilizing enzyme cleaners and K9 Zeolite infill for best results.

We do not suggest putting synthetic turf on decking owing to the condensation that can upsurge in due course. It reasons the wood beneath to putrefy and become a safety and health hazard. If you’re planning to put turf on decking, then be certain to utilize a plastic drainage system which will keep mold and water away. Read More

If you desire your garden to last for up to twenty years, then we’d strongly suggest employing a proficient installation squad. It is because there is an exceptionally particular procedure which has to be followed to guarantee the grass stays firmly in position.

Our synthetic turf system is not so diverse from the natural, real grass. Pet urine is rinsed through the system and will set into the drainage mantle. Or, the liquid can be engrossed by a devised crushed rock sub-base beneath. Dog waste can be eradicated by utilizing the course you are presently utilizing, but it tends to be less muddled with the K9 Turf Grass.

Pet urine odors will not remain in the K9 Turf synthetic grass. However, synthetic turf, fake grass for pets can be bought that is latex backed, and it will keep the odor of dog urine. Always test the backing of the turf before you purchase. Polyurethane-backed turf will not keep pet urine odor and are supplied in 4.5m rolls. Latex backed turf pulls in rolls of 2m or 4m.

Unluckily not. The odor of dog urine will stay in the latex backed synthetic turf and can’t be eliminated. Latex is not dog-friendly as it soaks up the urine and the odor stays. The ProGreen K9 Turf is made for pets, and we’ve been supplying and manufacturing this turf for over thirty years. Our polyurethane backed turf has a Proflow Backing. It permits the pet urine to seep away leaving no smells.

Rainwater is more often than not enough. However, you can wash the synthetic turf with water. If you have kids and pets playing on the turf, it is sensible to utilize the K9 Turf Enzyme Artificial Grass Cleaner.

Your pet will love it! A lot of pets would evade pea sand, gravel, and cement. Pets love real grass and evenly like K9 Turf. Dog owners feedback proposes that pets don’t realize the difference.

A few pets will try to excavate a hole wherever they are. Our synthetic turf is amazingly robust, with a double-coated backing which makes it very hard for pets to obliterate, yet there are a few exceptions. We do propose the edge around the lawn ought to be concreted in to secure the turf further.

Soak the synthetic turf with water. Instantly utilize a push broom that has stiff bristles. Brush the turf against the mound. Turf fibers tend to bend more to one course than of the other. The stiff bristles will pick up the pet hair. Take away pet hair from the brush.